Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are never complete without a cake. Imagine having a party and not cutting a cake! Today's birthday parties are not how they were 15 years ago. In the old days moms used to invited their kids' friends over to play games, and enjoy a boring cake purchased from the local bakery.

Cut to today where parents plan their children's parties in restaurants and various childrens' specialty play arenas. They organize themed parties for their beloved children with their favorite cartoon characters, toys, colors, TV idols etc. How can the humble cake be left behind?

Land of Cakes provides cakes that are perfect for any party you organize for your child. Be it for your daughters who loves Barbie, Hanna Montana, flowers, houses and animals - or your little boys who are crazy about football, cars, video games, and sport stars - will will make the right cake for you!

You can browse through our selection of cakes specially created for birthday parties. Contact us to prepare your own customized birthday cake and make your party the best one you've ever had.