Custom Personalized Groom Bride Wedding Cakes Long Island NY

One of the most difficult decisions of your wedding day may be choosing just the right wedding cake.  There are thousands of designs available online that might be able to be duplicated, but it can be very difficult to come up with a completely unique design.  We understand how frustrating it may be, and it’s our goal to make it as easy as possible.  Whether you want a single tier or even cupcakes, we can accommodate you.

We make what might be difficult for others quite easy.  We take any ideas the bride and groom may have, and combine it with their wedding theme and colors to come up with a completely unique design.  Wedding cakes have become far less traditional in the past few years, ranging anywhere from a themed design to featuring Disney characters.  No matter what you want for your special day, our Farmingville bakery is sure to create the ultimate custom personalized groom bride wedding cake.

If you would like something even more unique, try wedding cupcakes.  Our professional cake decorators can transform a large piece into personalized wedding cupcakes.  Whether you are looking for a simple design, perhaps flowers from your bouquet in sugar, or miniature wedding cakes for each guest, we would be happy to create this for you.

We offer a multitude of varying cake and filling flavors, allowing something for everyone’s palate.  We can even make different tiers different flavor combinations, so that the bride can have her favorite, and still leave something for everyone else.