Flavors are one of the most important components of a cake. A well designed cake becomes better only if it has the right flavor and is also made to perfection.

Specialty cakes which are layered demand the right combination of flavors to enhance the taste of the cakes. We can unite the various cake flavors with the filling(s) of your choice to create the perfect combination for your special occasion.


- Vanilla Cake
- Chocolate Cake
- Peanut Butter Cake
- Carrot Cake
- Red Velvet Cake
- And many more…


- Strawberry Preserve
- Rasperry Preserve
- Vanilla Buttercream
- Chocolate Buttercream
- Oreo Filling
- Peanut Butter Filling
- Chocolate Ganache
- Lemon Filling
- Cannoli Filling
- Cream Cheese
- And many more…

If there is a filling or cake flavor that you would like that is not listed on this site, please ask us.