Kids Children’s Custom Birthday Cakes Long Island NY

Kids these days are very picky.  Many no longer appreciate the time, effort, and love that go into a homemade cake for their birthday, and instead prefer one of the store bought ones.  Why not reach a compromise and order theme a customized birthday cake.  All of our cakes are handmade and created especially for your birthday child.  No matter what theme or designs that are planned for the party, we are able to create the perfect addition to it.

We are especially adept at creating cakes with popular Disney characters on them.  If your child has a favorite princess or other characters, imagine their face when they see their cake with them on display!  If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of a whole cake, let us design some cupcakes for you.  These can be much less messy, and still extremely decorative and delicious.

No matter what the age of the child, there is a personalized cake just for them.  Even tweens and teens, though they probably won’t tell you, appreciate the time and love put in to making their birthday cake just right.  Whether it’s a popular teen star, hobby, sport, or even video game, there is something for everyone.  Special birthdays, like 13 and 16, deserve extra special cakes.  We have experienced decorators who know just how to make the perfect cake; not too old, not too young.  We can even replicate cars for that new driver’s cake; maybe even one to represent the real thing!