Long Island NY Specialty Unique Birthday Cakes Long Island NY

Store bought cakes are a dime a dozen, and completely lack any sort of uniqueness or character.  Sure, they may be convenient and generally taste okay, but that lack a certain something.  That something can only be quenched by one of our Terryville specialty unique birthday cakes.  We make all of our cakes to order in our bakery, making us able to replicate the homemade taste we all crave.

Better yet, we don’t have any set designs.  We can create a cake with anything you like on it.  No matter if it’s for a 5th birthday, or a 50th or anywhere in between.  If you want a Disney character on it, we can handle it.  Not sure about what characters you want on it, but know what colors and style?  Let us draw up a design for you!

We’ll run the design by you and make any appropriate changes you would like.  Our goal is not only creating the perfect cake or cupcake for any occasion, but also customer satisfaction.  We want you to be satisfied with the cake and filling itself, as well as the cake design.  After all, if a cake doesn’t look pretty it is less likely to be enjoyed.

Let us create the perfect dessert for any occasion.  Bride, groom, tiered, themed cakes; no matter what it is, our Centereach bakery can create the perfect one for you.  Let us create the ultimate cake or cupcakes for your occasion.