Personalized Cupcakes Long Island NY Birthday Wedding Cake Designers

Birthday cakes can be a hassle.  You never know just how big of one to get, and often end up with either too much or too little cake.  There is a simple solution to all of this; cupcakes!  They are a small, personal size, and are easy to transport.  They store well, are much less messy, and guarantee you will have enough cake for everyone.

This doesn’t mean you can’t go with you original cake design.  We will decorate the cupcakes with a similar theme, and can even miniaturize the larger cake design.  We may not be able to fit every single element on one cupcake, but will spread it out so that the cupcakes carry three or four different designs, all complementing each other.

Cupcakes are a wonderful option for birthday parties for children, especially young ones.  Why let a one year old mess up an entire cake at their party, when they can do the same on a smaller, yet still messy, level.  Each child will feel a lot more special receiving their own individual, child size cake than splitting a giant one and not getting the piece they wanted.

Cupcakes are simply miniature cake canvases in which to display one’s artistic talent.  Many of our decorators prefer to show their talents in this form as it can end up being far more impressive, as well as more fun to decorate.  Stop by our Gordon Heights bakery and see what we can provide for your next occasion.